March 7, 2009

Putting the Winter Months to Good Use: Mod Your Mustang

AmericanMuscle: Mustang PerformanceFor a lot of Mustang owners, winter means stashing your pony in the garage and breaking out some beater to take the brunt of the snow, ice, slush and other weather conditions you don't want your baby running around in. But all that time in the garage just means that you're free to add all the sweetest mods to your pony. Then, when spring comes, you'll be ready to unveil the nastiest Mustang in the neighborhood. Let AmericanMuscle help you make the best of these cold months with some hot deals on the best aftermarket Mustang parts on the Internet!

No matter the weather, an upgrade to some new Mustang headlights significantly enhance your vision at night and offer a sleek re-design to your Mustang's front end. AmericanMuscle provides you with a vast array of headlight choices, including projector lights that focus the maximum amount of light on the road, trendy, cleared-out Euro-style lights and even Halo lights, which feature a ring of LEDs that give your pony a menacing stare and keeps the road clear.

And when the sun starts shining in those glorious summer months, you're going to want a new set of Mustang rims to glow while you're out cruising. Our selection of Mustang rims is absolutely second to none, and the carefully designed website lets you navigate through them with ease. Shop by type, size, color or brand, and you're sure to find the rims that work perfectly with your 'stang.

Getting the ponies from under your hood onto the road is the chief goal of any good Mustang owner. And one part of the car that is easy to overlook when it comes to ensuring that you get the most out of your engine is the Mustang suspension. Items such as strut tower braces, sway bars and shocks and struts certainly help with performance, in addition to their ability to greatly improve handling and steering response, and eliminate suspension flex and cowl shake.

Lastly, because we know the discomfort caused by scorching your butt on the hot leather of a Mustang seat that has been out in the sun all day, we gladly stock Mustang seat covers. Not only will they stay cool on even the most sweltering days, but the super-durable material will easily survive this summer and many more into the future. Just like your Mustang.

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