August 20, 2008

3D Graphic - HH65 Dolphin

HH65 Dolphin | MAX &  3DS | 1,09 Mb
Download from DepositFiles


Rick said...

Hi 3D and 2D Graphic.
Your 3D Graphic - HH65 Dolphin: "hh65_dolphin.rar" is corrupted, one file not work, the file: SA365-Dolphin-USCG.BMP is damaged, the rest is Ok, I tried yours three download link options and all .rar are corrupted, please fix your .rar, or upload only "SA365-Dolphin-USCG.BMP", please upload by , please help me, thanks.

NesAn said...

File Re-Uploaded

Rick said...

Thanks a lot!, now your .rar work OK...
Have a nice day.

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